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There comes a point in every makeup artist's career that you hit a major business plateau. I felt like I was behind on the trends, my makeup kit needed to be refreshed and my personal style wasn't giving me any life. I was feeling this way because of (dun dun dun...) SOCIAL MEDIA!

What did I do? I invested in a makeup class to jolt me out of feeling like my business was failing. It was great! I gained confidence, became secure in my personal style and met some amazing new artists! Immediately after the class I was on a high, ready to pour myself into my artistry and I did. Instead of continuing my peak, I was met with an overwhelming reality of the PLATEAU. A plateau leading me back to where I began.

Are you an artist that feels the same? Or maybe you're not a makeup artist but you've grown bored of your makeup routine? You may be like me and just want to be refreshed in knowing you're not alone. 

I'm having an interactive makeup class where we will have an open discussion & come to Jesus session! I'll even throw in some GOODIE BAGS, GIVEAWAYS and FOOD!

Here's what we'll cover: 

  • Efficient & Enticing Work Area

  • Everlasting Skin Prep

  • No Filter Foundation

  • Highlight & Contour

  • Glam Shadow

  • On Trend Lipstick & Lashes

We'll also have a dialogue about authenticity, maintaining integrity, pushing through a plateau, being different, planning a vision and staying positive. We will even pray! All I ask you to bring is your questions, prayers and open mind. 


NOVEMBER 20, 2017

3420 RUSK ST, HOUSTON, TX 77003

6PM - 9PM