Hey Peeps,

It's been over a year since I posted anything beauty related on my blog. A ton has happened in the last year or so and I couldn't be more excited! Business is great! I'm great! Everything is great! I have a ton of pictures that I need to post here to showcase some work I've done. I look at the pictures until this point and I can definitely see how my work has evolved and improved.

I've been superrrrrr busy as Naturally Glam by Rae has taken off more than I could ever imagine! I'm so grateful to God and my clients for that!

I just wanted to drop in and say, "Hey," and let you know that I've scheduled some time to post about some beauty related stuff, makeup room tour, freelance kit, reviews and whatnot. It is my goal to post the clients I have for the week and also my nails of the week! Yay!

Hey! 👋

You can check out my "Nail Files" by clicking the link I've provided or you can find it next to the "Home" button above. I just posted my nails for this week!  💅

Also, I've created a page for "Referral Services." I have my list written out but I still need to get permission to post others' information. This way, if I'm unavailable and you need a makeup artist or you need a preferred vendor for hair (natural, relaxed, or weave), photography, videography, nails, etc. it'll be all in one place!

I'd like input from you all as well, anything you want to see/know? Ask!

I'm excited!

Peace out.