Hey y'all,

Wet n Wild has a collection of matte lipsticks that are to die for! There are 26 in the collection (One of them is not shown because I had it in my purse LOL) which are pictured below. They're very pigmented and creamy but definitely are NOT moisturizing. It isn't a negative for me though, just make sure to moisturize your lips before applying and you'll love them. Please note that NO matte lipstick looks good on crusty lips, so exfoliate too! 
Below are photos of each color (minus Bare it All) and swatches on my arm. To see them on my lips click on the video. You can purchase these from BeautyJoint.com or Drugtosre.com or your local drugstore if you're interested! 

Pink Suga | Spiked with Rum | Wine Room | Cinnamon Spice | Sand Storm | In the Flesh | Mochalicious | Just Peachy | Think Pink

Pinkerbell | Mauve Outta Here | Don't Blink Pink | Rose Bud | Smokin' Hot Pink | Dollhouse Pink | Cherry Picking | Ravin' Raisin | Vamp it Up

Stoplight Red | Sugar Plum Fairy | Purty Persimmon | 24 Carrot Gold | Coral-line | Red Velvet | Cherry Bomb | Bare it All (Not Shown)