I want to share with you some of my new favorite beauty items.

I've never been a fan of drugstore foundation...until now. I heard many rave reviews about this foundation so since it was $3 off at Walgreens and I had a $2 off coupon I couldn't pass it up anymore. I used it last night, just fooling around, and I must say I was quite surprised. For $7.99+tax it covered well (medium coverage), was breathe-able, not heavy and left me with a nice matte finish. I wasn't too sure the color would match my skin but it did, perfectly. I compare the feeling and coverage to MAC's Matchmaster foundation, which is my favorite. I highly recommend this foundation to those of you looking for a really nice drugstore foundation! Make sure to look at whether you get the one for oily/combination OR dry/normal skin!

Okay yall, these powders will always be a part of my makeup artillery from now on. Ben Nye specializes in theatrical makeup which means it's long-lasting and very great quality. I heard about these powders on YouTube and I finally found a place in Houston that sells it (Southern Importers). Sienna is perfect for me, for times when a foundation needs a little 'oomph' to match your skin tone. Essentially, it warms your skin tone, if you have more red/orange undertones but foundation is too yellow. Banana is also translucent and I use this for setting concealer/brightener under my eyes. In my opinion it is better than using white translucent powder because that can sometimes show an ashy cast under your eyes and looks unnatural. Definitely make these a staple!

                        Starting from L to R: Brown Sugar, B52, Decadent, Perfect Taupe, Medusa
                                                     Pure Red, Fire, Black Cherry, NYX
                                 Narcissus, Chloe, Strawberry Milk, Louisiana, Fusion, Gardenia

Above are all the NYX Round Lipsticks I have, these are my favs not only because they were $2.50 or less but because of the color payoff and how non-drying they are. I love to pair these with the NYX gloss as well, or any one for that matter. Most of these came from, there's a banner for their website on the right, I encourage you to visit and get some great deals!

From L to R (swatch pic): Sweet Tart, Tutti Frutti, Cupcake

Finally I got a hold of these Revlon Lip Butters! I keep these in my makeup bag in my purse because they're so moisturizing with a little hint of color. I'm a lip balm lover so these are a great alternative for days when you don't want much color on your lips with a lot of conditioning. 

 I mentioned these NYX concealers in my video because as much as I love using my MAC Studio Finish concealer, I wanted one to use for everyday. I find that these are pretty comparable to MAC except they are a little less thick in consistency. In essence, you have to use a little more to get the coverage you need but for $5 it's worth a little extra work.

 From L to R (swatch pic): Clove, Magenta, Purple Passion

 Out of everything I've mentioned above, these are my absolute favorites! Makeup Mania had these babies on their website for $2.50 and shipping for $2.99! I was shocked at how awesome the color payoff is with them! I mean who has this much quality for such a dirt-cheap price??? I have not used Purple Passion or Magenta yet but I used Clove today as a contour and I love it. It has a slight hint of shimmer but it doesn't show up on the face. I encourage all my "Glam-tabulous" ladies to order these TONIGHT! LOL!

What are you raving about at the moment????

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