Hey y'all!

 A while back I did a post about my skin but I never followed up on the progress (shame on me). Well, there was no real significant improvement to my skin. The main issue I am having is dark spots (hyper-pigmentation) remaining after a pimple has run its course. Along with that I've had more breakouts than normal. Here are photos of what I'm talking about.
This photo was taken on Day 1 (3/16/2012)

 My dermatologist recommended the Obagi NuDerm system to me along with an antibiotic, to keep the breakouts from occurring and a Retin-A to decrease the severity of pimples. I am also using a Clarisonic Mia to aid in cleaning my face and allowing the medicine to penetrate my skin. The Obagi Nu-Derm System is said to improve elasticity, complexion and brighten the skin. It is formulated to target age spots, fine lines & wrinkles, rough skin and hyper-pigmentation.

1)Gentle Cleanser - removes dirt, oil and makeup
2)Toner  - adjusts pH to prepare skin for system ingredients
3)Exfoderm Forte - deep exfoliant to remove old skin cells
4)Clear Fx - skin brightener to even the skin tone
5)Blend Fx - skin brightener to clarify the skin tone
 6) SPF 35 - to protect
To date, I've been using Obagi for 6 days and I've already noticed a couple of changes. First, my skin feels much smoother. Second, I've noticed that my pores have decreased in size. Third, my skin has cleared up a little. I have a few little bumps on my left cheek but I believe that's normal because my skin is purging itself of the impurities. Friends and family have seen an improvement in just this short time too!
I've read hours upon hours of reviews on this system and I must mention that many people have been using this since the early 1990's which is impressive. I'm lucky though because many people experience painful burning, itching and redness  on their face in the first few weeks, whereas I have not. They also complained of excessive peeling of which I have not had either. I'm positive I'm using the system correctly.
Overall, so far so good! I'm excited to see the entire results which should be complete in 18 weeks. After that, it's just maintenance. I'll update with photos every 2 weeks!

Have you tried this?

Peace out!