Hey yall!

So I've been hearing so much about these Beauty Blenders and the like. I recently posted (on Instagram) the MAC Pro Performance Sponge but I have yet to use it on myself. This post is to preface my review on them both as I am waiting for my Beauty Blender to arrive!

MAC Pro Performance Sponge
The Beauty Blender has received better reviews (from a few sources I read) than MAC's sponge and is $20 vs. $18 for the MAC one.                                 

Beauty Blender
I want to know, have you guys have tried these? What are your thoughts? I'll be returning with a review of my own to compare. I'm hoping to achieve an even, flawless look in half the time with half the work! Can it be done????

By the way, the Beauty Blender is on sale!!! I ordered mine (without the cleanser) for $15!!! Click on the Cherry Culture banner on the right or click here
Peace out!