Hey yall!

Finals are over, so now I have some free time to showcase what I've been up to the past few weeks. I did my first maternity makeup session for my sister-cousin, I'm actually here with her now as she'll be having her baby in a few hours! Yay! Anyway, here she is!

This was the look we did for her baby shower

She really had the "motherly glow" that day!

This photo was taken by C'na Roberts

I also had the pleasure of doing an engagement look for the photographer that did the PROFESSIONAL picture you see above. Her name is C'na Roberts and she's super talented yall! Check out her website here. I can't wait to work with her on other projects in the coming year!

They're a super cute couple!

These photos were taken by Christin Armstrong

The photos of C'na and her fiance were taken by another awesome photgrapher, Christin. Here is the link to her website as well. I want to thank both C'na and Christin for sharing their photos with me.

The following pictures are of two of my close friends, Dee and Nicki. You may see recurring pictures of these ladies as they are quite the socialites and are always going to an event!
Here's Dee headed to a birthday party looking awesome. The picture I had of the total outfit did not come out well but she looked HOT!

Here's Nicki on her way to the Watch the Throne concert, I was so jealous because I had to stay home and study. Womp womp! This chick is the definition of "crazy sexy cool!"

I hope yall enjoyed, talk to you soon!
Peace out!

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