Hello all!

Welcome to my blog all about makeup! I heart this stuff yall! Follow along and see some of my work done on myself, family and friends. Hopefully you will be a client one day! Check out some of the truly beautiful faces I've had the pleasure to work on. Please comment and follow!

Starting with me, Rae Michele!

Infamous car pic!

Party time!

Get used to this background. LOL!

Me and my roomie had a mini photo shoot last night. Yeah...we're pretty lame! But she looks phenomenal!


Up close and personal.

Excuse the TP (I'm not a professional photographer). =)

Yeah...we took it there!

 So, we did all of this makeup and photo shooting and didn't go anywhere! L.A.M.E!!!!! Hahaha, we don't have to have anywhere to go to get glam.

Anyway, yall tell me what you think. I'll be posting more pics tomorrow.

Peace out!