Hey y'all,

This may be a touchy subject for some but it's something that must be discussed. Often I'm asked if I'm offering any discounts or specials for my services. When asked, the answer is, "No." Why? Because it is something I'd like to choose to "offer" at my discretion. Often I will surprise my loyal & repeat clients to a free or discounted service for a special occasion or just because I'm in a giving mood. . 

Some may say, "Well I remember when you used to do $40 Friday, why did you stop?" I stopped because I wasn't getting consistent business from it. I seemed to me that the discounted price meant one of 2 things: either my work was not my best because I was tired from being overwhelmed with clients or clients would expect decreased quality because of the price. 

Another scenario I run into often, with my bridal/bridal party clients, is a discount expected because of the size of the bridal party. "Well, since I only have 3 bridesmaids can you discount it." Or, "I have 14 bridesmaids, I'm bringing you a lot of business so can I get a discount on my bridal service or can you not charge so much per face?" My answer to that is... I'm still doing the work, so I should be compensated for such. Wouldn't you want to?

I make sure to list all of my pricing with details so you are aware of my cost and whether it coincides with your budget. 

This post is not intended to offend. I feel as though there is a sort-of professional standard of etiquette when contacting anyone for a service. If you see an "offer/deal" and want to know more, by all means ask! If not, don't. You wouldn't have contacted the person in the first place if you didn't like their work, in this case. Right? Right.

Thanks for stopping by!