I realized that I have quite a few online features of my work! I googled myself and to my surprise a lot of sites popped up! Yay! Although most of them have spelled my name wrong...ugh 😒, they've managed to link it back to my site. I'll add to the list as I find more! Thanks for checking them out!




BlackBride.com featuring CECELIA + MICHAEL (Bridesmaids only)

ModernLuxury.com featuring ROSHUNDA + RON

CnaRoberts.com featuring AUTUM + ANTONIO

KreativeAngle.com featuring REBECCA's BRIDAL PORTRAITS

Ebony.com featuring C'NA + MARK

MunaluchiBridal.com featuring C'NA + MARK

RHPhotoArts.com featuring JERMESHIA + JUSTIN

MotleyMelange.com featuring NATASHA & CHARLIE

DanielTDavisPhoto.com featuring CANDACE + JEFFREY

CivicPhotosBlog.com featuring BRITTNEY & RANDY