At the very beginning of my makeup artistry career, the most invaluable piece of information I received was to create a WEBSITE! I wasn't advised to hire someone, but to actually create one myself. I truly believe that having a website set my business apart because it showed professionalism and that I was serious.

I never hired anyone to build my website because # 1: I was broke. Like broke, broke...  # 2: there were late nights & early mornings where I wanted to totally revamp my site and guess what? I did not have to wait until my hired-help could fit me into their schedule to make the changes I wanted, I could do it MYSELF!

We as artists have a vision in mind and are often not satisfied when we hand over the special task to get our vision perfect. Am I right? 



Where do you start? Step #1 in getting your business off the ground or re-branding is to create a VISION for your business! Write it down and make it plain. 9 times out of 10 this step will hold you accountable and keep you on task. How often have you built a "mental folder" of a goal only to see it disappear or never be accomplished?

As entrepreneurs we must transform our minds to think as an owner...NOT an employee. That's deep! Let me help you organize those thoughts, get them on a tangible resource and knock the socks off your clients. We'll plan our objectives, goals, execution of those goals and rewards for your effort. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 11.35.59 AM.png


People always ask me, "Who made your website?" The answer has always been, "Me!" My website has seen MANY different styles and hosts but I have finally, 5 years later, gotten it to my personal liking. Praise God!

Another question I get asked often is, "Can you build my website?" Most often the answer is, "No." That's because it is not in my ministry (LOL) to figure out what an artist wants AND execute it. I can serve you better by showing you the tools and how to utilize them. I have read through and condensed all of the hard stuff (HTML/domain pointing/minor coding) and made it VERY understandable for everyone.       



This is the fun part! You get to do what you do best to add to your fully functioning website! How exciting, right? Now you're able to be creative and add, take away and fully customize your site with professional images of YOUR work. No stock photos, no grainy phone pictures. 

Now watch your business flourish! You can plan to have a website launch party, or a VIRTUAL launch party (because yeah, it's 2017) and debut your work to everyone! This will help you gain visibility via social media and on the web (come through SEO)! We'll discuss SEO in class if you're not sure what it is ;-). And if you ever want to make changes, the opportunity is right at YOUR fingertips! 




  • Introduction & Mindset
  • Business Setup
  • Finance
  • Website & Social Media Development
  • Artistry
  • Sanitation & Kit Organization
  • Color Theory & Lighting
  • Digital Beauty Demo w/ Rae
  • Hands-On Beauty Workshop w/ Models
  • Professional & iPhone Photography


  • Makeup Kit
  • Makeup Lighting
  • Makeup Chair
  • Your Personal Laptop
  • Your Positive + Open Mind